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Dropshipping & Digital Products

The Dropshipping Guild has courses and Discord communities dedicated to four different online business. 

Whether you want to start dropshipping on TikTok Shop using Amazon as your supplier or sell Digital Products with a help of Midjourney, the Dropshipping Guild is a place for all the people who are passionate about making money online!

Meet the team!

Our community is full of different dropshipers however there are three leaders in our community!

Weekly Meetings on Discord

Every week, we host a couple of meetings to brainstorm and motivate each other on our e-commerce journeys!

What our Members say about the Guild

Surround yourself with like-minded individuals like Dany!

Dany has been a Guild Member for couple years now. He started as a Facebook Marketplace Dropshipper and now is focusing his attention on TikTok Shop selling.

See how Filipie learned dropshipping

Filipe is truly a remarkable character. He found his own way of making money by participating in Focus groups but also started dropshipping on Faceobok Marketplace after discovering the Dropshipping Guild.

Members' Success

Whether your interest lies in dropshipping or selling digital products, you will discover a community tailored for you, where you are surrounded by like-minded individuals. See the results achieved by our members all around the world as they thrive across different marketplaces!


What is the Dropshipping Guild?

  • The Dropshipping Guild is a membership that gives you access to courses and a community of people interested in making money through e-commerce.
  • The main focus of our community is to earn money by dropshipping on various marketplaces and also by selling digital products on Etsy, with the aid of AI tools like Midjourney.

How's the Dropshipping Guild Different ?

  • The primary purpose of the Dropshipping Guild is to connect like-minded individuals with one another.
  • Our next objective is to educate members through courses and weekly meetings. There's always someone with new info during our meetings.
  • A third goal is to maintain motivation among members, as many start but only a few persist in the business. We aim to support individuals in adhering to their entrepreneurial goals.
  • Lastly, it's a membership, not just courses. You have the flexibility to come and go as you please; however, departing means losing access to our courses, meetings, and community. Some of our members have been with us since 2021!

What Are Your Weekly Meetings About?

  • We currently hold at least two meetings a week, primarily focused on updating each other about e-commerce news and discussing specific topics. Each week, we cover different subjects related to e-commerce.
  • Given the diversity of our community, we host separate meetings for dropshippers and sellers who specialize in digital products


  • If you can't make it to our meeting you can always watch a recording. Every meeting is recorded.

Are There Any "Famous" Members of the Dropshipping Guild?

The core of the Dropshipping Guild are three Youtubers: Daniel Sells Online, Patryk Marketer, and Andrey Kozlov

Every now and then we bring ecommerce "influencers" or CEOs of well know companies to our Weekly Meetings as guests. Our members can chat with these people and sometimes even offer feedback.

Some of the notable people we have brought as guests to our community include CEO of Autods, CEO of Everbee, CEO of ZikAnalytics, Paul Lipsky, David Zaleski etc.

How Do I Access the Discord Server?

Once you become a member you will be able to connect your discord profile with our platform and that will grant you the access. You will stay a Discord member as long as you keep the active membership.

Bonus Content!

Monthly List of New Products & Prompts!

Every month we post a list of trendy dropshipping products and new AI Prompts for your Digital Products

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We offer two affordable plans. Choose the subscription model to explore what the Dropshipping Guild has to offer, or opt for lifetime access and enjoy membership forever! Some of our members have been with us since 2021!

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  • Monthly List of Trendy Dropshipping Products
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